SE 9NRC10-20 Heavy Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stake Set (20-Pack)

SE 9NRC10-20 Heavy Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stake Set (20-Pack)

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20 green tough PVC stoppers features both hook and rope-stringing eyelet for anchoring versatility › See more product details

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* /u/stepcut251 on /r/BurningMan I predict it would take significantly longer. With an impact driver it takes 5-10 seconds to install a lag bolt. With a socket wrench I am thinking it will be taking several minutes per bolt. The hard part will be getting the bolt in far enough that it catches.

The whole beauty of the lag bolt solution is the quick insertion and removal time.

Sitting in the sun and dust for 30-60 minutes trying to screw bolts into the playa does not sound like winning.

Depending on how small your small tent is, these could be sufficient,

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