Wenger Geneva I Sport 9-by 9-Foot Four-Person Dome Tent

Wenger Geneva I Sport 9-by 9-Foot Four-Person Dome Tent

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Four-person geodesic-style backpacking tent measures 9 by 8 feet (72 square foot area) Polyester taffeta tent body and ripstop design rainfly with double pass polyurethane coating

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* /u/divermartin on /r/BurningMan Kodiak Canvas? Not a tent I’m familiar with. I was using an older generic 4-person dome tent given to me a few years ago from a buddy of mine (Amazon sold it at one point I guess, it’s this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EJNGWG). I could run a 4” duct in through a little door that it had at the main entrance.

Our camp had conduit shade everywhere as well, I just did a monkey hut this year. I have a 20x20 shade cloth (60%) or a full blocking silver tarp from harbor freight. I tried the tarp this year, it was okay. But it’s a hard comparison, it was so freaking hot. The swamp cooler did really well, but it really could only cool a small bubble under a blanket and not the tent itself.

7:30-E Represent!

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