Military 12" Tent Stakes Set of 4

Military 12" Tent Stakes Set of 4

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Ronald K. Jones Best stake out there for the money.

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* /u/Senor_Peludo on /r/BurningMan Like this? - I’ll be staying in a 2 man dome tent.

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——* /u/justfred on /r/BurningMan Monkey hut? The exposed rebar is an integral part of the monkey hut - that gets completely covered by PVC. For the guy wires, I’d still use tent stakes.

I’m not talking about the little pencil-sized aluminum stakes that come with most tents. Those are worthless almost anywhere. The thin aluminum ones are worthless AND an injury magnet.

These are available at your local surplus store: …and they often have longer, heavier duty ones used for holding down troop tents.

I’ve used 12” and 18” military spade stakes to hold down giant tents, larger structures, popups, costco carports, etc. Never had one come out in 13 years of playa storms. Never injured myself, or anyone, with them. And they go into - and come out of - the ground a lot more easily than rebar.

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——* /u/justfred on /r/BurningMan They will, but they suck. The plastic bits at the top are no good for pulling them out, so they get bent and broken.

Easier to go to the Home Depot and get large (I forget what they call them) nails. 10” long, about 38” diameter.

Military tent stakes work well:

These are expensive, the surplus places usually have them for $2 each, used but who cares.

Just don’t get rebar for a tent. Way overkill, trip hazard, hard to pound in and out.

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