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LEDs and Lights

LEDs and Lights

Black Rock City is pitch black during the night, and it’s actually very dangerous to go around without lights. Bikers, weirdos and art cars won’t be able to see you easily. Do not be a darkwad and spend some time preparing proper lighting as part of your evening attire.

Some quick pieces of advice:


Critical for finding things at night in your camp and riding a bike at night. No seriously, bring one.

Quick advice: Be mindful of not flashing anyone when you arrive to camps. It’s more common that it seems.

Lanterns, tiki torches, or other sources of ‘space light’

Christmas lights or strands of LED lights to give your camp a nice glow.

E-wire or battery- / solar-powered Christmas lights

Use them to decorate your tent, bike, self, etc.

Also there are a lot of lights for bikes in our Bicycles Essential section

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