Kelty Adjustable Pole

Kelty Adjustable Pole

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Packs down to 29 inches. Push-Button Adjustment

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* /u/GristForWilliamBligh on /r/BurningMan I was happy with my DIY shade solution this year. I bought a 13’x20’ of aluminet with taped edges and grommets every two feet from Gothic Arch Greenhouses. I tied one long edge to a camper and elevated the other half of it with three Kelty adjustable poles, staked down with paracord tied to rebar.

The aluminet cooled things off enough that people were able to sleep in tents beneath it well into the afternoon (!). By the end of the week, the aluminet sagged enough that I had to stick a pole in the center, so I’m going to need to figure out a better way to keep it taut longer next year. Larger sheets of aluminet wouldn’t work very well with this setup without several poles propping up the interior.

The total cost was around $250, and it packs down very efficiently. I also strung solar-powered fairy lights all around it, which provided a nice, gentle ambiance through the night.

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