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Tents and Decor

Tents and Decor

If you have more than one tent, I would suggest bringing two. Anything left “out in the elements” will be covered in dust within 20 minutes of arriving on the Playa. It’s nice to have one tent to sleep in and one to store all your stuff in.

Also remember to bring long rebar. I would go with 12 inches minimum.

As I said in other articles, the wind is no joke in the Black Rock Desert. I have seen 60mph gusts at Burning Man and I’ve also seen tents cartwheeling down the Playa like tumbleweeds. No fun…so when setting up your tent you need to batten down the hatches and expect the worst. Sometimes, for larger tents, it’s a good idea to bring skinny rebars, which can be bent and driven down deep into the Playa to hold your tent in place.

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