GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug - Green

GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug - Green

Why we love it?

Perfectly-suited to rehydrating and eating Sure-sealing lid made of Infinity Clear Polypropylene screws into the rim of the mug to keep your meals in and the outdoors out

Some comments about this we saw on the web:

* /u/FraggarF on /r/BurningMan Collapsible cup with matching lid, so you aren’t drinking playa dust. It takes up little room when collapsed. Has loop for a carabiner to attach to your belt, so you don’t lose it when you aren’t using it. Handle that locks in multiple positions, your mug is now a scoop, with measurement lines as well. Also it’s not a rip off price.

p.s. – Get the blue one, so it won’t get mixed up with my awesome green one. :)

p.s.s. – I should also mention I used a 3l camelback for cold water and ice. Protip: Camelback bags filled with ice also can carry a few beers next to the cold bladder to keep your personal beers chilled.

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