Stainless Steel Water Cup Mug 7.5cm Diameter 200ML Silver Tone

Stainless Steel Water Cup Mug 7.5cm Diameter 200ML Silver Tone

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Material : Stainless Steel;Color : Silver Tone Product Name : Staimless Steel Cup;Capacity : 200mL

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* /u/picsoung on /r/BurningMan Simple steel cup with a handle

small enough if you get bad drinks too small if you get good ones no lid, so you might be an expert to drink and bike while bar hoping :P Buy some carabiner to attach the cup to your belt/bag

Good tip: stick a copy of your ID on the side

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——* /u/CSnarf on /r/BurningMan First, foremost and most important: read the survival guide. Don’t read it casually. Read it like your life depends on it.

All our welcome. Not everyone is 20 and beautiful and drunk. Some are. I frankly like the fatter, older, wrinklier crowd more.

And here is what I sent today to the newbies in my camp. A shopping list of sorts:

for the newbies. Here are some things I can’t live without at Burning man. You will find there are many different versions/opinions/etc. But this is what I use.

Camelbak: You MUST carry water and several other items. Combing these into a backpack makes sense to me. We’ll tag it with the camp locale when we get it so if it gets lost it has a chance of returning. Cheap ones tend to leak, so I recommend name brand on this:

Eye protection: I hate goggles. Other people like them. I have tried many types. They all fog. So last time I started using very close fitting sunglasses type deal and it was awesome. For sure not as sealed, but I will trade that for eye sweat and fog. Whatever you pick, bring multiple pairs. Do not leave camp without these. Dust storms are real. I like something that’s clear for night and shaded for day Ooh a 6 pack:

Dust Mask: You can use a bandana. You can use a keffiyeh (middle eastern scarf thing- the old school choice for desert protection) or you can use some form of mask- be it a disposable painters mask to a high tech respirator. This is another item you do not leave camp without and you bring multiple of (or multiple changes of filters) I have one of these: and like it.

Skin stuff: Your skin will be pissed. You are walking in seriously alkaline powder. For sure we will buy the costco sized bucket of baby wipes and lotion (do your feet and naughty bits a MINIMUM of twice a day). If you have a favorite lotion etc, bring it. Group sunscreen and aloe will also be purchased. If you need chafe cream, bring it.

A cup: People want to give you booze, or soup, or flavored water or something. They are not going to give you a cup, or silverware, or a plate. If you want those things. carry them. I usually can get away with just a cup. I have something like this: carbabiner to outside of backpack and VOILA.

Ziplock bags: You are responsible for your trash. If you have gross trash, you are still responsible for carrying back to camp with you. Have a ziplock in your backpack for this purpose. Putting tampons, poopy wipes etc in the porta-potties is ABSOLUTELY NOT OKAY. They go in your ziplock along with candy wrappers and grilled cheese smeared napkins.

Other stuff to carry/always have: *Hand sanitizer. There is often none at the portapotties. same goes for toliet paper. *Blinky stuff/lights. Half the fun of burning man is to get lost. Sometimes you wander for so long it’s dark. If you are walking in the dark without lights on you you run a very good risk of getting hit by an art car. We call these people Darkwads and they are not looked on favorably. I often carry a bunch of glow bracelets for the express purpose of tagging darkwads for their own safety. Light your front and back at a minimum. Feel free to go crazy. More is better. *Your bike lock. If you don’t lock your bike, you will lose your bike. Then your ass is walking. And its far.

Medication: I bring a costco sized bottle of ibuprofen, benadryl and immodium to camp, as well as bandage stuff, some burn cream and blister treatments.

Ear Plugs: It’s loud. Depending on where you camp maybe really loud. You probably want to sleep at some point. Bring some ear plugs.

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