Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

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Range/oven features two 7,500 BTU matchless igniter range burners.Oven power: 3,000 BTU (Up to 400° F) Matchless igniter 3,000 BTU internal oven; comes with two oven racks

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* /u/madworld on /r/BurningMan This year we pre-made, froze and vacuum sealed most of our meals. We use this oven, which is great!

We made lots of things, but the pot-pies were the hit!

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——* /u/blissfulocean on /r/BurningMan Camp chef makes a portable oven: it’s $200 and worth every penny. This will be mine’s 3rd year at BM. I put it on a cart behind a bike and bake cookies on the playa. Each year I also make another treat. Oven’s year 1: muffins 2: playa cobbler 3: this year is pie.

Alternatively go to the French quarter and talk to black rock bakery. They agreed to allow me to use their kitchen and oven my first year ( pre- camp chef purchase) as long as I made two batches. One for me one for the camp to distribute,

Happy Playa baking! Betty Cocker

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