Stanley Classic Vacuum Camp Mug

Stanley Classic Vacuum Camp Mug

Why we love it?

Lifetime Warranty Vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot 2.5 hours, cold 4.5 hours, or iced 20 hours

Some comments about this we saw on the web:

* /u/WDoE on /r/BurningMan I’ve used this type before and didn’t really like it. Not a big fan of cups that don’t seal. Not a big fan of straws. Not a big fan of plastic as it can leach flavor. (I got a terrible drink at a bar and it ruined a plastic bottle I had). Not a big fan of clear as light beers can skunk in minutes and sunlight warms drinks.

I’m trying to decide between:

24 oz metal, latching stein

18 oz metal/plastic, screw top, sliding sip hole travel mug

16 oz metal/plastic, screw top, flippy sip hole travel mug

The hard requirements were that it sealed, opens fairly easily, has a handle + way to clip, metal body, vacuum insulated, and some amount of flat space for stickers and my ID.

I really like the stein because it is big and I don’t have to screw it off to fill it (which was the failing point of my last cup). I love drinking out of a completely open top, and unscrewing is a pain. But it isn’t perfectly cylindrical for stickers like the other two. Also, it seems like it would need two hands to unlatch.

I like the 18 oz mug. It’s a tolerable size, tons of flat area, fun colors already… but I’m not sold on the sliding plastic lid. I have one, and the lid is already leaching coffee flavor, spits up a bit when it slides, and it doesn’t cover the entire liquid path, so I’ll be drinking bits of playa mud if I fail to wipe it off.

I’m lukewarm on the 16 oz. Good amount of flat area. I love the D ring at the top of a hooked handle so I can either clip it mostly upright or hang it from the handle off a belt, handlebars, or basket. I like that the flip lid covers the liquid path. This is the most like my old cup, but my old cup wasn’t cylindrical and the clip point was at the bottom of the handle, so if I clipped it on my backpack, it was inverted, and it wasn’t perfectly sealed, I’d get some drips.

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