Coleman Instant Cabin

Coleman Instant Cabin

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Instant tent sets up in just 1 minute Made in USA and Imported

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* /u/ShaneTheTrain on /r/BurningMan

This is the tent I bought. Its not on sale on amazon prime anymore but you could find it other places online. It fully zips up on all the windows so it should hold out most of the dust that would come through a mesh tent.

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——* /u/capilot on /r/BurningMan Here’s a better link:

I would be hugely skeptical of bringing a Coleman tent to Burning man, for several reasons:

Coleman has cheaped out excessively on their design and outsourced construction to China. Presumably to keep selling to Walmart who value cheap over quality. I very much doubt that a Coleman tent would survive a major wind storm.

Every Coleman tent I’ve looked at in the last decade could not be sealed against dust. They all have open mesh windows that can’t be sealed.

Note that this isn’t specific to Coleman. I couldn’t find a tent at REI that could be sealed either.

Springbar and Kodiak make good tents for Burning Man. However, they’re expensive and heavy.

I’ve been using a Eureka Equinox successfully for many years.

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——* /u/srcarruth on /r/BurningMan I’ve used a Coleman Instant Cabin for a few years. It’s spacious (8x7 with a 4’10” ceiling) but being made of not canvas is much lighter and smaller. It’s held up pretty well and has no permanent venting so dust is easily controlled. You can buy a separate rain fly but it’s not required.

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——* /u/wolvie604 on /r/BurningMan I love my Coleman instant tent. They are designed to be used without a fly, so all the screens have zippered covers to fully seal it. The walls are almost vertical like a Kodiak, so you can stand up inside.

The six person size has been perfect for my husband and I, but they make a smaller four person version that would work well for one person:

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