Smith Optics Scope Goggle

Smith Optics Scope Goggle

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Includes Microfiber Goggle Bag With Replacement Lens Sleeve Medium Fit and Helmet Compatible

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* /u/TheMapesHotel on /r/BurningMan We use ski goggles which can be had readily and cheaply in many areas with used recreational shops.

What you want regardless is a layer of foam or something similar that goes along the edge between the goggles and your face. Something that produces a breathable seal.

What I like about the ski goggles verses motorcycle goggles is they tend to have a large, wide face plate similar to diving goggles. I like having that extra space in my field of vision during whiteouts. I also like this because both of us wear prescription glasses and they fit over the top of the glasses.

Honestly both my SO and I did the daytime and nighttime goggles because that is what everyone says you need. They took up too much room and we NEVER have once needed them so we ditched the different types years ago. IMHO its a waste of money. Just get a solid clear pair and go. Less to carry, less to worry about switching back and forth, and the less you have to worry about out there the better.

Let me know if you need any other help. I am always very glad to answer any and all stupid and not so stupid questions you may have. Feel free to PM me if need be. Ours are something similar to these:

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