Baby Banz Ski Banz Goggles

Baby Banz Ski Banz Goggles

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3.5” high 3.8” wide

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* /u/drag0nslovetacos on /r/BurningMan Hi, I have a newly 1-year-old and we opted out this year (because I’m a wimp and it seems like too much - but kudos for thoughtfully preparing). Baby will probably try to rip off any goggles unless they’re super comfy, so make sure they have padding like maybe a kiddo snowsports or atv goggle? 7 months old is pretty little… but if she has a huge head a youth size with an adjustable band might work? These are supposed to fit 2-5 year olds, and these are specifically designed for toddlers.

Even if there’s no dust, I recommend finding some good sunglasses for your little one. They make ones with a strap to keep them on your baby’s head, or there’s ro sham bo, which makes unbreakable kids glasses.

A damp bandana tied around your babies face will go a long way, but there’s also classic fabric dust masks like these or these.

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