Rubbermaid 20 qt. Water Cooler

Rubbermaid 20 qt. Water Cooler

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* /u/mudclub on /r/BurningMan You are solely responsible for surviving out there. You are solely responsibly for your own shelter, safety, hydration, food, etc. That said, should something go wrong, there are about 50,000 people out there looking out for you.

A preferred means of dealing with water is these things. I hate them. They make the water taste like hell. I vastly prefer these and these.

Last year, I didn’t bother bringing enough water. My campmate and I brought one of these which we filled in Reno, and dropped in a block of Arctica ice every day - the melt sustained us just fine. Ice water on the playa is fucking magical. I don’t necessarily recommend that strategy your first time out - bring enough water to last you the week.

Additional water tip, again, relying on arctica: Arctica sells blocks of ice and bags of crushed ice. If you bring a cooler for food (again, not especially recommended) which needs to be filled with ice, decant your ice into gallon zip lock baggies. That’ll keep the bottom of your cooler from turning to sludge, and will give you a gallon or so at a time of nice cold water as it melt. No fuss no muss.

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