elope Biohazard Goggles

elope Biohazard Goggles

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Plastic 1 per package

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* /u/poorsquinky on /r/BurningMan Body wear is way too subjective for me to comment on, but I can tell you about goggles. I have tons of them.

Friends of mine have worn ski goggles and complained that they were too ventilated, thus letting in too much dust. I don’t know if snowboard goggles have the same problem.

Other friends swear by motorcycle goggles. They are designed to keep the dust out for long-term wear and look good in the process. I don’t know how the venting works to keep from fogging up while keeping the dust out, but I’m sure they accomplish this.

I was gifted a pair of these, but they are very obviously too vented. I plugged up the vents with hot glue, but the edge where it touches the face was too harsh for long-term wear (flat hard-plastic), so I padded the edge with weatherstripping and they work great. No venting at all means they fog up, though. These particular goggles have huge lenses and a relatively flat shape with little flexibility, so are less useful if you don’t have a flattish face. There were also a million of these type on the playa when I got mine, and you still bump into a ton of people who have them if looking unique is a concern of yours.

Army surplus stores are a great place to get goggles. Some are actually made for use in the desert and work fantastically but look a little weird (not the good kind of weird that I want to look like). Others are less effective but more stylish.

The bulk of my goggle collection comes from my local swap meet. The various cheap sunglass vendors there carry some cheap and attractive goggles as well. At about five bucks a pair, I grabbed all the ones I thought I’d like and have enough for my friends who flake on bringing theirs.

Check for fit and comfort. Look for vents that will let enough air exchange without drawing in dust. Don’t be afraid to make modifications. Finding a style you like is up to you.

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