New Woven Cowboy Cowgirl Hat with Rope Band & Pendant

New Woven Cowboy Cowgirl Hat with Rope Band & Pendant

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Great accessory for any Adult Cowboy Natural costume Brand new Fantastic quality Cowboy Natural Straw Hat

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* /u/Elongated_Moisture on /r/BurningMan I am also very, very fair skinned. I brought a lot of sunscreen, but it wasn’t as necessary as I thought.

  • 1) I am mostly under shade structures during the day, and most active in late afternoon/evening and at night. Most people are like this for heat reasons. [I also work bike repair during days and was therefor under shadecover]

  • 2) I wear sleeves. some UV sleeves from Amazon, like these. Sunscreen can make you “sticky” and then you just get dustier. Also, you don’t have to worry about your sleeves “wearing off”. It’s easier to pair a set of sleeves with a t-shirt or top… you can remove them if you want, and they aren’t always attached to your outfit if you go inside somewhere.

  • 3) There is so much dust in the air usually, I think it helps block a lot of the sun/UV.

  • 4) I brought a cheap gas station wide-brim hat. I like the fisherman style, woven type. They breath well. I dyed mine with cheap dies so it is rainbow colored. This protects my upper face/neck.

  • 5) I wear a cool facemask/cover most of the day for dust reasons… and this protected my lower face. I found this type of mask on Etsy years ago, and it’s awesome. Easy to drink through for a sip, and you can leave it open if you need to for heat without exposing your face to the sun. I wear mine everywhere on Playa.

  • 6) I wore a kilt, so I also brought a bunch of knee-high socks to protect my legs.

Basically, Sunscreen is great, and I recommend you bring some. But layers and coverings should work better. If you grease up with lotion, you just turn into a caked-mess of playa dust. I recommend the spray-on sport kind that instantly dries, although it feels a little like you’re wearing a coat of plastic.

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