Cotton Buds Toilet Tissue To Go, 3 Count

Cotton Buds Toilet Tissue To Go, 3 Count

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* /u/MsKnee on /r/BurningMan Yessss. There’s a few different styles, but the Pstyle is the most compact, and after practicing once or twice with it, I found it was the easiest to use as well. Also, to follow up on the ziplock comment, I actually don’t carry it around in the ziplock specifically because I once did thinking that would help keep the carry case clean, but all it did was end up smelling a little musty in the plastic. So if a drop or two of urine ends up on the carry case over the course of the week and dries out, that’s fine, I wash it when I get home. But yeah, bringing camping-style TP with me in the compact rolls (buy this: helps with that too.

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