(25) CR2016 Lithium Button Cell 3V Batteries

(25) CR2016 Lithium Button Cell 3V Batteries

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Our stock is current and is never more than 1 month old. These batteries are the perfect replacment for flashlight keychain, watches, toys, etc.

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* /u/brusifur on /r/BurningMan Here are some random thoughts I had. I attended my first burn this past summer, and I flew there from Alabama.

  1. Those rental bike places sell out really fast. If you plan on renting one, you should start making phone calls six or seven weeks ahead of the burn. Personally, I wanted to actually prepare my bike for the burn, so I bought a cheap used one in Alabama, and shipped it to my friends who drove the RV from the west coast. This was actually cheaper than flying with a bike as checked luggage, which has tripled in price in the past ten years. I say, support your local bike co-op, and you will also get to lubricate your chain, and triple check all the parts etc. At the end of the burn, there are literally dozens of places to donate your bike so you don’t have to travel back with it.

  2. Building your costume is a year long hobby. You can’t start too early. Visit thrift stores and peruse the internet and setup your outfit early. Fill up your Camelback, and gather all your essentials, then try riding your bike around. You want to find any weaknesses before you leave civilization.

  3. You can’t have too many bike lights. Do not buy expensive commuter lights. A forward facing headlight is good, but the nicer ones will just blind other bikers. They are designed for cars to see you. There is enough ambient light generally to see ahead of you, so you should focus your efforts on cool led blinkers. Last summer, I brought a pack of 25 batteries for these lights : http://www.amazon.com/CR2016-Lithium-Button-Cell-Batteries/dp/B002BZOMYM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1383073869&sr=8-4&keywords=cr2016. Basically every LED blinker uses this kind of battery, and if you buy them from a Walgreens, they cost like 5$ each. You can buy 25 from Amazon for 7$ with that link. Even if your blinker uses the larger cr2032, you can stack 2 of the 2016s and it works. You can also trade fresh batteries for stuff you need.

Those are just my random thoughts.

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