Peak Fresh 2003 Re-Usable Produce Bags, Set of 10

Peak Fresh 2003 Re-Usable Produce Bags, Set of 10

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Pre-cool warm fruits and vegetables in refrigerator before storing in bag Comes with 10 re-usable 12 x 16 inch bags with twist ties

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* /u/TheOliphant on /r/BurningMan It is really more for small amounts of water, and I guess not really applicable to this cooler water conversation. We use the watering can method with body-washing water. The water we use to wash with comes from the cooler in the first place.

We have strict (too strict in some camp member’s opinions) cooler cleanliness practices to keep the water fit for bathing: No raw meats (the week’s meals are cooked the day before we leave, portioned out into vacuum sealed sous-vide bags and frozen prior to going in the cooler). Everything else that needs to be kept cold comes out of the store’s packaging and goes into Ziplock bags. Veggies go into these bags. The cooler is wrapped in a cooler cozy, kept off the ground, and is filled with a layer of dry ice (like this site explains) at the beginning of the week so things stay refrigerated till the end of the burn.

In the end, the water drained from the cooler each day is minimal and clean. We drain it straight into a solar shower bag each night, and the following afternoon we have piping hot bathing water.

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