Pulsar 3,250W Portable Gas-Powered Generator, PG3250

Pulsar 3,250W Portable Gas-Powered Generator, PG3250

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3,250 Peak Watts/ 2,500 Running Watts of power The Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a Heavy-duty Powder Coated Frame for added durability

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* /u/UnleashTheKraken on /r/BurningMan Eh, I figured if I couldn’t find a generator that was quite then I would just create this and put it somewhere on the deep playa - either way I think it would be a cool project to build.

And yes, you nailed it on the head with the power issue. That is where I am running into some problems. First some math: I read that the wattage on the 100W LEDs for the Chinese is closer to 6070 Watts. So 70W * 25 LEDs + 430W for the fans = 2180W total. Secondly, the Amps for each LED is about 2 so 2A * 25 + 5A for fans = 55A.

So, I feel like I could get away with a 3250W generator or something on Craigslist. I realize the neighbors wouldn’t be too fond of me if I ran it at camp, so I was thinking of either putting it in the deep playa running of the current design. If I were to the battery front, I would need to re-design based of 12V DC out (instead of the 110V AC) so would need to power using something like this and eliminating the smaller booster. I could use two batteries and run it maybe 4 hours a night, which I think is reasonable.

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