Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

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Champion Support – Includes 3-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts Stackable – The patented, space-saving stackable design is Parallel Ready and can connect with another 2000-watt inverter to double your output power

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* /u/ecco5 on /r/BurningMan The LPG generator you listed would be loud as fuck. you probably don’t want the big ones.

I’ve been looking at a couple of different Champion Generators. They have a little 2000w generator that is pretty quite, pretty damned affordable, and less than half the cost of the honda. About $440 on amazon.

The other one i’ve been looking at is about a 3000 watt dual fuel that runs about $850 (at

i’ve seen the Wen you linked at a local farmers market and it was fairly quiet. I’ve also seen a Ryobi at numerous food trucks, also runs quite, has wheels for transportation, and is only $440 or so.

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