Boli 3 Pack 10 litres Collapsible Water Tank Water Container Water Carrier, BL6016-10L-3

Boli 3 Pack 10 litres Collapsible Water Tank Water Container Water Carrier, BL6016-10L-3

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Made of clear non-toxic plastic.Large spout for easy filling and pouring.Constructed to hold both saltwater or freshwater. Approx.10 Litres Collapsible Folding Water Container,Convenient, durable, reusable, space saving, and non-toxick.

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* /u/lenburneo on /r/BurningMan I’m a fan of these:

Used them last year as a first time burner and was glad that I could roll up and pack out at least some of my water jugs, especially since I was only allowed one bag of trash and one bag of recyclables on the burner bus. Reused them for a road trip up the Pacific coast a few months later.

You can also freeze them beforehand and then use the water as they melt for drinking.

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——* /u/lenburneo on /r/BurningMan I used collapsible food-safe water containers with great success last year. I purchased these:

Because I was flying in, solo camping with a friend, taking the burner express, and bringing a cooler, I also wanted to reduce the amount I had to carry and grey water production. I froze enough water to make about 38 pounds of ice, stored them in my 12 pound cooler that met checked luggage restrictions, and flew them out to Reno. They stayed frozen for many, many days (I added a block of dry ice to the top) and kept my cold things cold while remaining drinkable, which meant that I had a place to store cold groceries after our grocery stop on the bus.

The agents at the Southwest counter hassled me a bit about it and said TSA would throw them out because “ice blocks are hard to xray” or somesuch, so I said to try to check them and we’d see what happens. It was fine.

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