Action Wipes - 25 Pack - Individually Wrapped - Large (9"x10")

Action Wipes - 25 Pack - Individually Wrapped - Large (9"x10")

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Wipe Size: 9”x10” Made with refreshing Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Oils

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* /u/eshmaki on /r/BurningMan Action Wipes were the best! Baby wipes are too small and you have to use too many to get clean. Action wipes are really large and I can clean my whole body with 1, but normally used 2 to be extra thorough. I’m petite though, at 5’3”, so bigger peeps may need to up their number. They’re made with pure essential oils which really help pull the dirt and dust off of you. I went there with every intention of showering, but never felt the need to since I had these.

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