Red Baron Motorcycle/aviator Goggles Day Night

Red Baron Motorcycle/aviator Goggles Day Night

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› See more product details These are very good Goggles, and should block out all of the wind. They seal well around the face. Designed for maximum comfort and great fit.

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* /u/MgmtNinja on /r/BurningMan I now cannot find the three pack either, but here is the day/night 2 pack:

And yellow:

I can’t find amber in this brand at all (I may have imagined that from a previous year), and the Bobster ones are not nearly as good, imo. Sorry for the misinformation!

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——* /u/missmelee on /r/BurningMan I mostly manage with sunglasses but for those dust storms I love this style. They aren’t 100% dust free since they gave tiny side air holes but that also means they don’t fog up or get overly sweaty. They are also lightly padded. Tinted is helpful during the day but make sure you have clear at night.

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——* /u/spiral_arm on /r/BurningMan I’m going to second the red baron motorcycle googles. They’re perfect in every way – simple and lightweight so you don’t mind carrying them around (unlike those huge ski goggles), they seal around your eyes and are comfortable (you just need to duct tape over the little vents on either side), and they send you both the clear night and tinted day versions. They do start to deteriorate after a few years, so we tend to re-up every year and now we have a fairly large collection in our container in varying stages of decay but all still usable enough that we can pass them around to folks in need. I also take some more fashion-conscious goggles, but the red barons are what I’m actually wearing 90% of the time.

And sure, some people may not need goggles.. but don’t take that chance if it’s your first time. I wear contacts and I absolutely 100% require goggles out there. I’ve only ever left camp without a set once. Never again.

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——* /u/potato0 on /r/BurningMan These cooling towels are AWESOME. They are made of a material that water soaks into, but doesn’t come out of easily. This means they hold a ton of water, stay wet for ages, and don’t get anything touching them wet at all (so you don’t get an irritated neck like you do from wearing a wet towel). Seriously if you wet one of these and give it a squeeze, you’ll be amazed by how much water comes out. They dry stiff, so make sure to fold them up neatly while they’re still wet. Highly, highly recommended.

Shemaghs make great dust masks, head scarves, and hats. There is a reason these things are so popular in the desert. Lots of colors too.

These are the disposable dust masks to get. For a proper whiteout, they offer better filtration/protection than a bandana, and the valve means you can actually wear them for more than five minutes without suffocating. They come in little individually wrapped packs, which mean they’re great for gifts (although I’d unwrap the ones you aren’t planning to carry around as a gift at home).

Not prime, but free shipping, and if you order now they’ll get here: goggles. Comes with a day and night set, inexpensive and highly recommended. These are my go-to utility goggles.

These personal misters are good. They aren’t durable, so don’t count on it lasting more than a year, but they’re much more compact than the big garden sprayers.

If you feel the need to own a Soviet Russian spec gas mask, amazon has one for 10 bucks. Protip: that bag it comes with is the perfect size to stick a 1 gallon waterbottle (the kind with the peice of tape a handle, not the ones with the handle built into the bottle) to turn it into a canteen.

If you enjoy biking, and tend to wear boots, wide, grippy pedals are great bike upgrade. I was really suprised at the difference they made for stability and my ability to comfortably put power to the ground. I went for these ones that were on sale last year (not prime), but the shape is what matters from what I can tell, so any ones like that with the grip nubs should be good. There are cheaper ones made of plastic, but I find plastic pedals crack on the playa way too easily, and a decent set of metal ones was worth the investment.

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——* /u/potato0 on /r/BurningMan These are great. Best goggles I’ve found, and cheap too. One amazon order to take care of both day and night.

Protip: the strap has a melted end that is rough when wearing them around your neck. I clip it off to get rid of it, and have never had a problem with the strap unraveling.

Edit: Just noticed this is the same item for five bucks less

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——* /u/edcRachel on /r/BurningMan Anything that has padding. I made the mistake first year of getting costume goggles like this, thinking they could be my main goggles. That was a mistake. I wore them for like 5 minutes and they were horrible. Now I only wear them on my head, for looks.

Same year, I also got these. They worked just fine, but I did lose a lens by the end of the week. It was nice that it came with both the clear and tinted, so that I could have a backup pair, as well as having a pair for day and night.

Second year I got a couple cheaper pairs like this thinking they were similar to the Red Barons. Those sucked too. The tiny bit of foam made them uncomfortable. They touched my eyes. I gave them away. At least someone else was happy to have them.

Then I got a pair like this like this (can’t find the exact same ones but very similar). They were actually like… surprisingly good, even for the price. Comfy, and they feel relatively strong. They are cheap, but have lots of padding and good coverage. They have some vents (most goggles do) but I just covered them with a little tape. I ordered a bunch more on Ebay/Ali this year for like $4 to give away, they all seem to be pretty much the same thing.

You can definitely get better ones; I’ve been on a budget so I haven’t really been able to justify spending $50 on a couple pairs of goggles. Basically any ski, snowboard, or motorcycle goggles would be fine.

Not everyone wears goggles, but I would recommend having them anyways until you know for sure if you need them. I personally wouldn’t spend too much on them, just make sure they have padding, and I would get one clear pair and one tinted pair (day and night).

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