Joomer 200 LED String Battery Christmas Lights (Multi-Color), 200led-Multicolor

Joomer 200 LED String Battery Christmas Lights (Multi-Color), 200led-Multicolor

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Perfect & Festive Decor: for Valentine’s Day, Holiday, Wedding, Party and other Celebration Occasions, it can be easily put or hung on wall, window, door, tree, fence etc. Convenient to Use: Battery powered, Low voltage power, Non plug-in allows you to decorate anywhere at anytime with any weather condition.

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* /u/venturoo on /r/BurningMan I rock a suit jacket every year with battery powered christmas LEDs. lasts all week, looks great, mad complements, and easy (all you gotta do is sew em in between the lining and the outside). I have started to branch out by painting voodoo iconography, sewing extra patches/mourning patches, and even made my own fur coat (with xmas led lights all over it)

Usually i go with something like this but believe me, AA packs are much easier and lighter than Ds, and are easier to get rechargeables. A few of my old suits had like 100 light strings in them, but that was a shit ton of sewing for not much more reward, so my suit this time will be going to probably be something like this.

Failures sometimes happen but usually after about 5 months of use beyond the burn. Multiple strings are a good contingency, and I am starting to look into AA powered 5050 strings.

For clarification, I make a new Jacket every year, usually in a theme like voodoo, day of the dead, ect. New one every year, as part of the ritual. Using multiple small strings helps deal with a failure by still providing light if one goes dead.

I also add some reflective fabric on my jacket/pants just to add to visibility.

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