Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy with Carry Duffel (10-feet by 15-feet by 100-Inches)

Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy with Carry Duffel (10-feet by 15-feet by 100-Inches)

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Includes expandable wheeled duffel bag; measures 15 x 8.33 x 10 feet (W x H x D) Sets up in minutes, with patented easy-release buttons for quick adjustments

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* /u/calcium on /r/BurningMan I was a virgin last year but went with a well established camp that literally had several pre-burn days devoted to food, camp setup, tent erecting and securing, mooping, clothes, etc. By the time I arrived, I would say that I was as prepared as a vetren burner, which may explain why I spent my entire second day there helping our neighbors salvage their shade canopy that had twisted itself into a dozen smaller pieces. I had to teach them that, no, duct tape won’t fix everything, having a basic tool kit was a necessity (hack saw, hammer, pliers), and an additional eight 12 inch stakes with 400lb rated cord were required to keep their canopy from rolling down the street.

While I realize that we never really had any strong winds at the burn last year, I shudder to think how they would have survived if it had been a windy year. They literally had no other structure other than the canopy, they didn’t even have a tent. Come to think of it, I bet this year will be crawling with people like my neighbors. Now I wish I had a ticket.

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