Sunforce (58032 Coleman 18 Watt Solar Panel

Sunforce (58032 Coleman 18 Watt Solar Panel

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* /u/oh_bother on /r/BurningMan You overwattaged your non-critical panel, I underwatted my critical panel LOL

I bought a 15W 12V panel, Ill probably have to get another one if I have any hopes of charging that battery right. Though maybe the battery will have enough current in it that the solar panel can simply hold of its inevitable drain.

We have gennies and stuff as well. Also it gets cold at night so I think I can get away with using the panel for the little fridgeroo during the day only. It draws 1 AMP at 12v O_o

The battery I have didn’t give me any ah or mah specs so I couldn’t really calculate it out, but this is the panel, I can always parallel them up, I plan on using rope to attach it to the roof pole of my tent.

EDIT: oh and it’ll be powering one of these

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