SMUCKER'S Instant Strawberry Lemonade, 40 Quarts!

SMUCKER'S Instant Strawberry Lemonade, 40 Quarts!

Why we love it?

This isn’t bad, but the strawberry flavor is very and noticably artificial. Likely won’t get this again, but was a nice experiment. It is also extremely fine in consistency, leading to the dreaded “lemonade cloud of death” every time you attempt to open the container to make it. Well, I bought this thinking the kids would like it as we were going thru tons of lemonade. Price was only ok, and the taste did not go over well with the family. I ended up having to mix it with another brand of powered lemonade to get people to drink it. Will not be purchasing it again.

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* /u/sillycyco on /r/BurningMan Big tubs of powder mix, like this can make tons of mixer, just add water (melted ice!).

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