Rubie's Costume Co Full Length Why Hood Cape Costume

Rubie's Costume Co Full Length Why Hood Cape Costume

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Fun costumes for kids and adults White, polyester, medium-weight fabric.

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* /u/spacewhaleisinspace on /r/BurningMan >

I found a cool cape that i am going to have lined with something furry so it is super cozy at night time. You could also cut some slits in that cape for your arms/hands to come out even if the cape is closed up in the front.

You could put some animal ears on your hood! White bunny ears would look great. I love bunnies.

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——* /u/Anjin on /r/BurningMan Anyone have ideas for how to make my cape better? It’s this from amazon:

I added white fur on the shoulders this year and ran LEDs through it so that the whole thing lit up at the shoulders, but the fabric itself is pretty thin and I need some ideas for making it cooler…

I was thinking about tearing fabric into strips, making little slits in the cape, and then pulling the strips through to make a more ragged look.

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