Rubbermaid 11.4 QT Dish Pan, Bisque (FG2951ARBISQU)

Rubbermaid 11.4 QT Dish Pan, Bisque (FG2951ARBISQU)

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Plastic dishpan fits into a standard single or twin size sink Imported

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* /u/advice47 on /r/BurningMan I’d add vinegar (or lemon juice), good hand cream, small plastic tub like this:

You can get tubs like that at the dollar store, and having something to soak your playafied hands/feet in will seriously add a cheap, simple bit of comfort to your week. Just put a bit of lemon juice in some water in the tub. I usually use cooler water and do this in the heat of the day.

My biggest mistake my virgin year was not bringing anything to take care of my hands. Within one day my cuticles were cracked, bleeding and painful. Soaking them once a day and then putting good lotion on them made my burn SO much better.

Also, I wouldn’t worry about a safe. Just lock anything valuable in your car. Don’t bring anything too valuable, just the necessities (wallet, phone, maybe a camera but I’d make it a cheap one!). The year I took a rideshare I stuffed my valuables into my pillowcase inside my tent and had no issues. You could always make a pocket in your sleeping bag for wallet/phone if you aren’t driving yourself in. Theft really isn’t that big an issue out there besides bikes (and even then I think it’s often an accident), and that’s easily stopped with a simple chain lock.

EDIT: Also, as someone else hinted at you probably won’t need much cash inside, you can only purchase ice and coffee. But you may want that cash for the drive. Then again, if you have multiple large coolers I guess you maaaaay be able to spend $100 on ice. It’s only $3/bag though….

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