Pump Up 1.5qt Spray Mister

Pump Up 1.5qt Spray Mister

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Molded plastic handle with lock on-off tab Build pressure with sturdy, durable metal pump rod

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* /u/yaaaaay_beer on /r/BurningMan More than knick-knacks or stuff, I would rather have someone gift me with a few sprays from a mister filled with water + few drops of mint essential oil. Or just cold water. But often cold water isn’t feasible for gifting (too precious!)…. But yeah dude, get a high-quality mister and walk around keeping people from overheating. They will love it so much more than a trinket.

EDIT: something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Pump-Up-1-5qt-Spray-Mister/dp/B000C35KH8

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