Nite IZE SpotLit Clip-On LED Light with Carabiner, Weather Resistant

Nite IZE SpotLit Clip-On LED Light with Carabiner, Weather Resistant

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CLIP ON LIGHT - Have a Nite Ize SpotLit LED clip on light handy whenever you need a mini-beacon to light your way through the dark. A quick and easy attachment and bright, long-lasting light make it a staple for everything from daily life to overnight adventures. GREAT FOR DOGS - Lightweight and water resistant clip light makes for a perfect, all-weather dog collar charm or dog collar light for when your pup is playing out in the dark.

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* /u/OverlyPersonal on /r/BurningMan I have beaten the hell out of these on my backpacks and they hold up well. The plug-ins are also very nice.

Otherwise these guys are good for small, easy to use, and easily transferable lights (bring extra batteries!)

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——* /u/djscsi on /r/BurningMan Just clip a couple of these to your backpack. Easy peasy.

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——* /u/the_fluffer on /r/BurningMan I picked up a few of these clip on lights to wear and give to friends who are being dark wads - seems exactly like what you are looking for.

For a little more you can get some led glowsticks or glowing poi such as these

I have created many costumes with el wire or the LED christmas lights that run on 3 AA batteries. The trick is to have an appropriately located and sized pocket for the battery pack. You don’t want the batteries to swing or bounce too much because that’s what gets fatiguing. Also I found fishing line to be a great material for sewing el wire on to things because it doesn’t show up when the lights are on.

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