Mountain Trails Cedar Brook Tent - 2 Person

Mountain Trails Cedar Brook Tent - 2 Person

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Floor Area: 28 square feet Peak Height: 38 inches

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* /u/theseekerofbacon on /r/BurningMan You are the kind of person that RVs would be beneficial for.

But, since you’re asking this, I doubt you have one. And, at this point, it’d be pretty impossible to get one. So my advice…

… get a small two person tent with no vents. If that’s not possible, find the one’s with the smallest vents.

I used this.

Securely closed up the inside with lots of AC filters and velcro. No dust got into that tent besides what I tracked in. So if that’s something you’re worried about (dust mucking up your system) it should be sufficient. Though, I can’t guarantee it won’t affect your rig. Warning though, small loops mean you can’t secure with rebar normally. I used my car as a wind break. But, unless you have some sufficient solution, use another tent unless you don’t mind it flying off into the distance on the first strong wind.

On top of that, to power your system, I’d suggest looking up power set ups for the playa using deep cycle batteries. Don’t know what the draw for one of those machines are, but, chances are you can run one off one of those with a proper converter for the week.

As far a sleep deprivation, it’s stupid to assume it’s part of the process. Some people try to cram everything they can into a day and sleep a few hours when they can. Why dull your experience out there with sleep deprivation?

I would much rather sleep 12 hours a day and enjoy the 12 I’m awake than sleep 2 and spend most of the week half or fully in a haze.

There’s no real point in experiencing something if you can’t fully appreciate it.

Get a tent that’ll keep the dust out, get your power figured out and sleep your fill.

If you don’t take care of yourself out there, you’ll break down. And if you’re not at your best, well really, what is the point of going to burning man?

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