Kelty Hula Shade House Basecamp Shelter

Kelty Hula Shade House Basecamp Shelter

Why we love it?

Angled design creates welcoming environment that’s quick to set-up Features angled hoop design for stable profile, treated roof protects occupants from rain and sun

Some comments about this we saw on the web:

* /u/mudclub on /r/BurningMan I recommend a little bit against a hexayurt for your first year, particularly without a backup structure (in the form of tents, for instance) . Hexayurts are fantastic structures, but they’re really unwieldy to transport and erect, and you haven’t yet experienced the conditions out there to know what sort of stresses they’ll be under. YMMV.

Shade is very helpful, but not required. Everyone around you will have shade, and friends are easily made. Sharing’s the way of the world out there. If you can solve problems with money, there are lots of options. I’ve had good luck with this style of structure:

Alternatively, monkey huts are fantastic and cheap, but again, transit could be challenging given the massive PVC bits.

Don’t go too nuts your first time out. You’ll be fine.

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