JellyBeadZ Cooling Neck Scarf Bandana Wrap, Keeps You CooL, Color Black

JellyBeadZ Cooling Neck Scarf Bandana Wrap, Keeps You CooL, Color Black

Why we love it?

Reusable many times We have different colors available. Blue, Red, Green, Orange & Black.

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* /u/mwstratton on /r/BurningMan One of the little things that I swear by is an Ice Bandana. Basically you leave it in your ice chest at night and these little beads soak up the ice water and then when you go out the next day you tie it around the back of your neck and it really helps to keep you cool! Me and some of my campmates swear by them!

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——* /u/madsci on /r/BurningMan Jerry can type containers are rugged and hold 6 or 7 gallons. You can easily fit one on the floor in front of a rear seat. Two of those will be more than half of what you need. 2.5 gallon and 1 gallon jugs from the store can squeeze into the remaining space. Don’t forget to bring some small bottles to carry around and drink from.

As for towels on your heads, consider cooling bandanas. If you’ve got a cooler, keep a few of these in the melted ice. They feel great. You can get bulk packs and they make good gifts, too.

You can definitely do it in a station wagon, as long as you don’t go overboard on shade structures and such. I’ve done that with a midsize SUV on the playa four times, though I do also have a roof rack and a hitch-mount cargo carrier for light, bulky stuff. Now I tow a 22’ trailer, so I’ve got my 25 gallons of water right there and I can even fill up my hydration pack without taking it off. Also fits a couple of bikes, a full size bed, a small workshop worth of tools, and a tiny shower that I can get 2 or 3 quick showers out of without going over my water budget.

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