Household Essentials Jewelry and Stocking Set Hanging Organizer, Coffee Linen

Household Essentials Jewelry and Stocking Set Hanging Organizer, Coffee Linen

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Uses 3-inch of closet space or less Constructed of 100-percent polyester linen and PEVA

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* /u/ranalicious on /r/BurningMan * gold bond lotion * gold bond powder (chafing sucks!) * nice hemp oil lip balm (I really dislike chapstick brand) * wet wipes soaked in lemon juice in a ziploc (to help break down alkali dust on your footsies/body without smelling like vinegar) * extra 1-ply toilet paper, ALWAYS! * there’s an alcohol-free hand sanitizer at health food stores that is nice to use because your hands are already going to take a beating * lots of tissues. I tend to get lots of boogers and sometimes nosebleeds from cracked, dry skin in there. * I like to use a NeilMed sinus bottle to rinse out my sinuses every morning and night. It was seriously amazing last year, and it’s a really easy way to refresh yourself. *the same company that makes the sinus bottle makes a sinus gel called Nasogel that is really amazing for your sore, dry nose. I used Neosporin one year and I guess it worked in a pinch, but this stuff is made for your nasal passages. * lots of socks. like, an obscene amount. I sometimes change socks a few times a day and it helps you feel refreshed (use the lemony wipes when changing socks) * I am guilty of usually bringing too many clothes that I don’t wear. The other comment here about organizing outfits is good, but you can also organize all bra/bikini tops in one ziploc, warm night clothes in another, etc. You can also use an organizer like this one to organize skimpy outfit pieces, accessories, personal items, whatever. It’s nice because you can hang it up and it won’t accumulate on the floor with everything else.
* Have a plan for dirty clothes, and try to keep clothing organized from the second you open that bin. Mine tend to get everywhere and then even clean things get dusty. I like to use mesh laundry bags. * Don’t forget to set aside one complete clean and real world friendly outfit in one of the giant ziplocs and put it somewhere you can easily access it once you are packed and ready to leave. It doesn’t hurt to add extra socks and undies too. * extra ziplocs in various sizes * Pee funnels are cool, but honestly, I’m really afraid of peeing all over myself even with the funnel. I used mine once in a urinal and then it cracked when it was in my Camelbak, and I made sure to dry it and put it in a ziploc so I didn’t get pee in my bag. In the potties, I just wipe the seat, put paper on each side, and sit down.
Please for the love of all that is holy do not hover!!! * I would say a headlamp is an absolute must, but wear it around your neck and only use it on your head when you are doing something or looking in a bag for something. Be aware of it and try not to blind people with it. I like to leave mine on the red light usually; green light is good too. The only drawback of wearing it around your neck is that it can hurt if someone hugs you, so maybe move it over to one side if you’re gonna hug. * Last year I got a last minute deal on BikeGlow el wire for my bike, and that was a great investment.

Sorry for the long, kinda random stream-of-consciousness list, but I think you’ll do just fine and it will blow your mind :D

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