Hong Thai Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant

Hong Thai Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant

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Showing 1-8 of 26 reviews It’s great! It clears my head, due to allergies, a cold, or sinus problems. I keep it in my purse all day and by my bed at night. It’s helped family and friends too! They all have some now!

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* /u/Jovankat on /r/BurningMan This has just reminded me of this stuff that I was shown at Juplaya this year. It’s a pretty great nasal pick me up. I just ordered one.

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——* /u/Jovankat on /r/BurningMan We have a kitchen cupboard full of Nuun electrolyte tablets because my SO subscribed to them on Amazon and never unsubscribed. I’m looking forward to them being used. They are super great though.

I’ve been meaning to go through this thread from last year to see what people recommended.

My recomendations are;

A big vacuum insulated growler (why is that the American word for drink bottle?!) to put in your bike basket/pannier so you can have a cold drink after hours of riding around.

This screw top pot of smelly stuff for clearing your sinuses. It’s herbs that smell like vix vapor rub and it’s great, especially on the playa.

This battery operated personal mister that goes in the cup holder my bike already had.

Pickle flavored candy canes. These didn’t even make it to the playa last year. I ate them all within a day of them being delivered.

If you use rebar (like for monkey huts, I don’t think lag bolts are really an alternative there) this will be your favorite thing at pack down.

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