Global Vision Eliminator Airsoft Goggles Dark Lens 13389-SD

Global Vision Eliminator Airsoft Goggles Dark Lens 13389-SD

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UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens

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* /u/mrsmoo on /r/BurningMan It is probably going to be dusty as HELL this year (almost no rain means a very soft playa) so I would recommend a solid, high quality dusk mask. The little paper ones are not that great.

I have this one and this one – both work great. Check your local hardware stores… we got the multicolored ones at Home Depot but i think I ordered the black ones from Amazon.

For goggles, something like this works really well, although ski goggles are also good. Check to see if there are air vents on the sides of the lenses (usually there to keep the goggles from fogging up) – if there are, you will need to cover the vents with fabric or your eyes will fill with dust.

It is really nice to have one pair of goggles that are dark (for daytime) and another pair that are clear (for nighttime), if you can.

Take a cooler. It’s not that hard to keep one cooler clean and cold – there is ice for sale there and a block of ice will keep a smallish cooler cold for a few days if you keep it up off the playa and in the shade. Hard boiled eggs, cheese, baby carrots, some salsa to go with your chips – you will be really glad to have a few fresh options. Also, if you can take a camping burner and some cans of propane. Quesadillas ROCK late at night!

Do you have lights? This is VERY important and you didn’t mention it… make sure you have lights to put on your body when you go out at night. NOT disposable glowsticks. Try el-wire or little 5’ strings of LED lights like this (put the battery pack in your coat pocket and drape them around your shoulders).

Hope this helps!

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