Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump

Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot with Side Tables and 4D Battery Pump

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Portable queen air mattress and cot ideal for camping and guests For heights up to 6 ft 2 in.

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* /u/WantonFlirt on /r/BurningMan

This is what we have used for the last three years and it is great. The cot gets you up off the ground and it comes with a battery powered pump. If there were to be a problem with the mattress you would still have the cot to sleep on also.

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——* /u/bondagenurse on /r/BurningMan * Tent fan. I went pro my first year and won’t go back. 60 bucks is worth it. Course, then I had to buy a deep cycle battery, but it lasted all week (and a half). Plus it was awesome for the one year I did exodus (11 hours….you know what year it was). We could avoid using the blowers in the car and instead just used the fan to keep us from dying.

  • Fuck air mattresses. Fuck them in their little air hole. Foam is the way to be. I have a four inch full sized foam mattress that folds up, and yes, it’s a bear to transport because of how much size it takes up, but I live on playa for three weeks. This thing is the ultimate luxury. I then place it on a “queen” sized Coleman cot. It’s a full size cot that holds a queen size air mattress on it, and man it was loud. Much better with the foam. Seriously, sex on that thing was like sex on a megaphone.

  • Someone else mentioned it, but a sheet covering your bed during the time you are not sleeping in it is wonderful. Do you know how many times a day you say, “oh shit, I forgot [something dumb] in my tent, better go in!” If you have a raised bed, especially, you’ll more than likely lean in the door of your tent and put your hand down on the bed and bam playa bed.

  • Someone also already said this (I think) but I take two sets of plastic drawers with me instead of bins for my smaller items. It’s so much more fun to root around in a clear drawer than in an opaque bin. All my shit lives in those during the year, so if I randomly decide I need something from my burning man kit, I can grab it.

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