Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad

Why we love it?

The I-beam construction technique is functionally superior to the typical welded-through construction of other air mats. Die cut holes in each I-beam allow air to flow freely between chambers giving constant support and comfort. The rectangular shape is 20” wide x 72” long.

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* /u/blissful_pee on /r/BurningMan Frostburn is fantastic! The cold is very bearable if you and you only feel it when you’re hopping from camp to camp. Sweat lodges, fire simon, brick oven pizzas, and general chaos among wonderful people. Highly recommend!

If you don’t have winter camping gear, I’d start asking some friends.

Something like this: has made a huge difference. It’s a whole lot warmer when you have a break from the ground … or maybe that’s obvious? Winter camping is fun!

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