15 Watt Solar Battery Charging Kit

15 Watt Solar Battery Charging Kit

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* /u/Amdinga on /r/BurningMan No, never hooked it up to a voltage meter or anything like that. I’m pretty sure we could have run our entire system off of one fully charged 95Ah battery for the week. Like I said our power needs were really low. But we never tested it. Throwing the power system together was pretty last minute (as was everything else. That’s generally how Burning Man goes, at least for my camp of procrastinators).

If you get towards the end of the week and find that your battery has run out of juice, chances are that one of your neighbors will have a solar panel, or an RV with a solar panel, and if you’re nice they’ll probably be happy to give you a charge.

And if you’re curious, I believe this is the solar panel we got. I can’t quite believe how inexpensive solar panels have become in the last few years, and am definitely not complaining. This thing got the job done.

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——* /u/Amdinga on /r/BurningMan Solar! I have two deep cycle batteries, and use this to charge one at a time during the day. My power needs are pretty small– just running ipod/computer speakers, lights, and charging a few electronics. It works for me!

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