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Most Amazing Regional Burning Man

Nowhere - Spain

A strange, hardy tribe, the people of Nowhere gather together each year to create a unique, temporary alternative way of living in the hot, dusty desert of Northern Spain. Nobodies are famed for their beauty and intelligence and love nothing more than to make art and dance until sunrise.

Nowhere is in northern Spain, between Zaragoza and Lleida. The nearest villages are Castejón de Monegros (12km) and Sariñena (19km), and from both directions, the last 10km is on gravel roads.

Going Nowhere

One of my main focus while editing was to make sure to avoid having anyone there that shouldn’t be… So people in full frame and recognizable are close friends who are consensual/well aware that I do this kind of memento videos. while anyone else in the background or wide shots are (as far as I can tell) not nude and blurry enough or facing away to not be recognizable. So it should be anonymous / more considerable than the usual burn videos while still telling the story and giving the vibe of the event. Love to you all! - Josep kõivistik

Afrika Burn - South Africa

The event takes place on Stonehenge Private Reserve in the Tankwa Karoo, in Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Everything you see in Tankwa Town is created and run on the spirit of volunteering. From the toilets to the Clan, and on to the road signs, the many amazing artworks, and spectacular (and humble) theme camps – all of these are a labor of love. In the spirit of radical inclusion, the door is wide open to you, and there are many ways in which you can make a positive contribution to the experience, and the organization.

Afrika Burn

.moments. - AFRIKABURN 2018

The Karoo’s sempiternal stones danced with us under the stars, as thrilled our bodies, carried by the music, drew shapes in the desert.

“Moments” because the story is lost. “Moments” because this is right now. A smile, a dance, a kiss, a laugh. This is a compilation of cherished moments.

Since there was too much love to describe all of it, here is a visual experience. – FullFilm

Midburn Festival - Israel

The Midburn event is the official regional event organized by the Midburn community – the Israeli Burning Man community. The Midburn community started its path in September 2011, when a group of burner friends got back from Burning Man in Nevada and decided to create a community which will conserve the spirit of Burning Man in Israel.

The first big community event was the “Mama Burn”, which took place on the weekend of April 8th-11th, 2012, at “HaBonim” beach. At the high point of the event, there were approx. 600 participants. The first “unofficial” organized event was the “Octoburn”, which took place on October 4th-7th, also at “HaBonim” beach. This was the first event that included logistical planning, urban planning and included theme camps. This event brought approx. 1400-1800 participants and was defined by the local press as revolutionary.

Midburn Festival

WE ARE MIDBURN - MidBurn 2016 Video

Since returning from MidBurn I did not speak to anyone about my experience. I could not find the words that would explain the beauty and power of what happened there. I felt like any story or photo would not do the reality and beauty of the Playa, and the people that filled it any justice.

I hope that this video, which you are all part of, will be able to shed some light about the love and beauty of the city that was raised from dust in the middle of nowhere.

Thank you to all who participated, who directed themselves, and sprinkled me with cold water at the time of need. This is my gift to you. – Dan Lior Fuego Austral - Argentina

Fuego Austral es el resultado de la accion creativa de participantes que se reunen con el objetivo de crear una ciudad temporal, dedicada a la comunidad, el arte, la auto-expresion radical y la auto-suficiencia radical.


Fuego Austral nos convoca una vez más. Nuestra ciudad, esa a la que siempre pertenecimos, esa que elegimos, vuelve a levantarse desde la tierra para abrazarnos en su espiral. En vísperas de carnaval coincidimos en un encuentro de almas que fluyen al ritmo de su propio latido. El sincronismo de ser nuestra ciudad áurea nos hermana en un nautilus de vibraciones en el que nos damos la oportunidad de ser nuestra versión más elevada. No importa por qué venimos ni de dónde. Cada uno de los pasos que dimos en el universo y nos trajeron al encuentro se transforman ahora en el ritmo de nuestro espiral, donde sincronizados en la eterna inmediatez de Fuego Austral, estamos finalmente juntos otra vez. Bienvenidos a casa.

Fuego Austral

Esa experiencia que nace del experimento de crear una ciudad temporal donde todos somos participantes. Una comunidad de hacedores. ¿Vas a venir y no te anotaste como voluntario? “Dale, copate. Hacelo! - Fuego Austral

El Hombre - Fuego Austral 2018