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Craziest Stories that Happened at Burning Man

1. The regular burner that passed for playa art

Deep playa, art piece with deck chairs and a radio out of tune. Someone was sitting there…

This lady, dressed kind of like a scary clown. Big yellow hair and messy makeup were hunched over in the chair, trying to tune the radio with a dead stare on her face.

She fit into the scene so perfectly, we spent a few minutes circling, Trying to determine if she was part of the art. We were tripping hard and collectively worked up the courage to approach her.

“Hey… what are you doing?” “I’m trying to tune the radio” she stands up, and runs away. The radio falls into signal perfectly. The song “coffee” by Sylvan Esso is playing…

We didn’t know what to think, I felt like I was on the moon, exploring the depths of the universe and this mysterious person.

We saw her at the next art install with her friend, she was just another burner exploring deep playa. But at that moment it was all fitting together so perfectly.

2. A lot of first times in one night

Maybe not crazy, but memorable for me at least. First time at Burning man, went to a party at Camp Mystic with some friends. First real party at Burning Man, first time wearing a tutu skirt, first time trying MDMA. Started to love everything! We just laid on the floor hugging each other. It was amazing.

Later I was approached by a pretty girl and her boyfriend. She explained that they had an open relationship and that she was attracted to me. First time meeting an open relationship couple. She took me to their ‘Healing Dome’ and explained the 7 chakras of the human body for me. First time hearing about chakra outside of a Japanese anime. Have never been into spiritual stuff, but she talked so calmly and touched the locations of all the chakras on my body while explaining them, I was captured.

After the last chakra, I looked her in the eyes, and we started kissing gently. First time kissing an American girl. It felt like kissing a girl for the first time again. It was all and exactly what I needed. Rested my head in her lap while talking for a while before we parted ways, never to see each other again.

A lot of first times in one night and every single one making my Burning Man experience surpass all prior expectations.

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3. Running the 50k is definitely crazy.

Running the 50k was definitely crazy. I remember the playa in four different lighting conditions. Each lap looked different. Each lap had a different vibe. The cooldown, the moderate early morning, the late morning and the scorching midday sun. I remember a few specific tracks being played during the run. The Future Sound of London - Cascade, Ellie Goulding - Burn and this one from Brian Eno ->

I guess on the last lap it got a little bit too hot. No one was offering any drinks and my cell phone’s battery died of heat exhaustion and spewed liquids into the phone. I’ll need to buy a military grade phone for the next run.

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4. The Japanese lady that sung again

Followed the sound of singing to this tiny Japanese woman at the trash fence. She had been traditionally trained at an art school in Japan but had a tragic event and hadn’t sung since. She asked if she could sing us a song and of course, we agreed. She sang us the melody to the national anthem, a Japanese song and an Italian song. She had the most beautiful voice I think I’ve ever heard in person and it moved us to tears. She kept asking if we were going to miss man burn to listen to her but it was honestly better than any man burn.

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5. Find your soulmate at Costco (The Camp!)

Went up to Costco, wrote up the questionnaire for a soulmate. Was matched with someone, she was in the camp next to me and tried to visit me a few times but kept missing me. Eventually turns up at 8 AM on Saturday but I had just gone to sleep after coming back from the sunrise, campmates suggest she just get into my tent and cuddle me, she decides to. Wake up with a woman cuddling next to me. Costco got it right, we connected really well and spent an incredible day/night/sunrise together. Maybe this whole soulmate thing works. Perhaps.

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6. Flying in style

Biking to the BRC airport early Tuesday morning to get on one of the tiny planes and get an aerial tour of the city. End up fucking on the plane with the pilot about a foot away. When we landed he gifted us this awesome mile high club necklace and told us that we were his favorite passengers by far. What a guy.

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