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Best Costumes at Burning Man

What do you need to dress up at Burning Man ?

Well my friend, you are going to one of the most inhospitable places in the entire Planet. And you want to do it in style. So my pieces of advice for you:

Bring functional clothes, and as many layers as you can. Leave the brand names at home since the playa dust gets into absolutely everything. Bring layers as it can get really cold or really hot.

You’ll notice a lot of people aren’t wearing clothes that have the brand stitched right across the front. Better to rock random stuff you find at thrift stores.

Daytime costumes

Manic Monday

Your first full day on the playa means lots of exploring, biking, and very little sitting around, so wear something light, easy, simple, and functional.

Tu-tu Tuesday

Tutu Tuesday - This one is easy to wear, and only takes moments to create. Just add a tutu to any bikini and race out to playa.

Be comfortable

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Nighttime Costumes

The name of the game is lights unless you really really want to get run over by an art car (you don’t) you better lighten the hell our of your body, costume, hats and particularly bikes.

We’ll start with that since it’s such an important part of your costume.

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LEDs for burning man at nights

My main piece of advice is : be bright enough, not too much, not too little. If you are not light enough (as is, your LEDs are tiny or your battery is dying) people won’t be able to see you and you may get into problems. Too bright and burners won’t be able to look at you in the dark (particularly if they have taken anything that makes them extra sensitive).

Stuff that works for me:

This is probably the simplest and most used light string at the burn.

These glasses are incredibly cool. Particularly if used inside a semi-transparent helmet.

A cheaper and less effective set of glasses

Also in a cheaper pack of four

Props and fun stuff


Protect your feet, wear decent shoes. As Burners say: “your costume ends at the ankles”

I love either Goth boots or Japanese Construction Boots (you can’t beat those)

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Jewelry for women

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Feathers are a contentious issue at Burning Man. My advice: be as careful as you can with them and bring them only if you are absolutely sure you won’t MOOP the entire playa.

From the Burning Man Journal Blog:

Now here’s the thing … some feathers are super MOOPy and others, well, aren’t. What we’re saying is this: if you want to wear feathers, that’s fine … but make sure they’re attached in ways that won’t fail, and if you can’t then don’t wear them, because it’s on YOU if they become MOOP. (And that goes for anything you bring to Black Rock City.)


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